AAN Exterior Primer

Ideal Paints AAN Exterior Primer is a water-Base wall coating suitable for application on exterior as an undercoat to exterior emulsion.

Features & Benefits

Ideal Paints AAN Exterior Primer has good opacity and whiteness, witch helps improve the appearance of the emulsion topcoats. Exterior primer does not chalk and can be applied on plastered surfaces that are adequately cured.


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Ideal Paints AAN Exterior Primer can be applied on a wide range of exterior cement plasters, exterior ceilings, asbestos sheets, concrete etc. as an undercoat.

Cleaning: Ensure that the surface to be painted is free from any loose paint, dust or grease. Any previous growth of fungus, algal or moss needs to be removed thoroughly by vigorous wire brushing and cleaning with water.
Filling: Application of any kind of putty is not recommended. Surface imperfection such as holes, dents, cracks are to be filled only by using mixture of white cement & fine sand.  
Primer: Apply one coat of Ideal Paints AAN Exterior Primer allow drying for 4-6 hours.
Coverage* : One coat 8-12 sq. mtrs/ltr/coat depending on surface and Surface preparation.
Drying Time : Surface dry time ~ 30 minutes.
Gloss levels : NA
Flash Point : NA
(IS 01/1987, Part 1, sec 6)    
Stability of thinned paint : Use within 24 hrs.
Shelf-life : 3 years from date of manufacture in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

*Actual coverage may very from quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application and surface roughness.

Safety Features

Packing Sizes

1 ltr, 4 ltr, 10 ltr, 20 ltr

  • Do not apply when ambient temperature is less than 10 C or if the temperature might drop to this level within 4 hrs of application.
  • Do not over thin or overextend the brush.
  • Do not use universal strainers or any other colourants.
  • Avoid eye and skin contact. In case if eye and skin contact, wash with plenty of clean water.
  • In high-humidity areas, use of a bio-wash solution is recommended to remove surface fungus growth, fungal spores, mould etc before application of the paint system.
  • Stir well and strain before use.
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